[Fully Managed]

Digital Assets!

To Make Passive Monthly Income!

From Ideation to Execution, We'll handle everything till profit hits your bank account month after month.

Build A Side Income While you are at home

All you have to do is write a few pieces of content every now and then, we will do the rest!

What kind of digital assets?

Ecommerce/Amazon Stores, Apps
SAAS, Blogs, Affiliate Websites!

The list goes on. From the most secure Investments to the ones with the highest profits [higher risks]. We are an Investment Management Firm at core with over a Decade of Experience.

Handling Funds with an absolute transparency, to build trust before Establishing Businesses.

What we are looking for?

The way for you to earn income
through blogs and websites!

We are looking to partner up with Enthusiastic Young Minds to build new Businesses in the form of Websites. We know how to make money from Blogs and Websites! It’s been years since we are doing it. So, you will need to write content only and in return you will own 30% of the website’s income.

Getting Started

Explore Investment Opportunities.

Join us & Create On-point Money making Blogs.


Know your Options!

Take Time, think and then decide. This free consultation is just to give you an overview of "What possibilities are out there"

No Need for Millions!

Get Started for as low as $10K & Scale as you grow.

1000% Secure?

All the payments will be THROUGH ESCROW & include a Trial.

success stories

Want to Succeed?

Invest your time.

You can have the all that is worth your time just by investing your time. Just like we already have.

Past Earning of 10 yrs?

Sold Blogs/Websites, for over 3 Million Dollars.

What is next for us?

Build a global network Entrepreneurs in Residence in 2023.

The next step

Satisfied with results?

Few months / an year passed on. You have seen profits rolling into your bank account. Let's get serious

Invest anywhere from 10K all up to $100 Million!

This is where we roll up our sleeves to plan for your retirement.

Earn money better than a job.

We are searching for partners (cofounders) who can invest their time - only time! No financial investment or long term commitments needed.

Either Write Articles

Or manage social media

New to This?

It's not some get rich quick scheme:

1. We only consider & propose genuine businesses.

2. Unit Economics & biz. Practices that ACTUALLY make sense.

something Else?

We are always open & interested to hear ideas

1. Let's discuss your preferences.

2. Find out a way to minimize the risk.

Sit back, Relax


Career Selection

Choose your way of making money.

Project Managers

As a project Manager, you will be handling new interns while:

1. While working side by side with core team.

2. Collaborate & Scale  the projects you initiate.

Marketing Directors

Have what it takes to handle large scale digital ventures?

1. Research new ways & define strategies.

2. Think, Act and Hustle Like a Veteran.

Earning’s estimate

Average Growth Numbers

Just to give you an idea of how much you can make if you only have limited savings. What the growth trajectory would look like? Depending upon the risk you are willing to take, there will be anywhere from 6 to 30% ROI per month. i.e $100 per month for every 1200 Dollars you put in (Just an example).

Get Started.
Verify Monthly Profits.

your Investments.

Establish a Portfolio of Assets.

Earning’s estimate

Spend time & Earn Accordingly.

You can spend anywhere between 2 to 20 hours a day and earn accordingly. According to a rough estimate if you spend 4 to 5 hours a day, you will make around 1,200 dollars per month & that’s 1st year estimates. After 1st year, you will have 2 options, either sell your shares or keep making monthly income. Assuming that you will sell your shares in 1,2 or 3 years; these are the monthly estimate figures. The longer you wait, the more you make.

Reach Out Now To Get Started.

about us

We are an inventive agency combination of extraordinary professionals. We can make your business stand out anywhere you
wish to be by transforming your ideas
into a successful product.


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product creation

content writing & seo

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about us

We are an inventive agency combination of extraordinary professionals. We can make your business stand out anywhere you wish to be by transforming your ideas into a successful product.

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